How do we start the process?
When you make en enquiry, if you can include as much info about what you want as possible then we can get a quote back to you very quickly. The date of the event and whether its daytime or evening are the two most important factors. Also if you’d like the DJ package and/or the additional drummer added.
How do I book?
Once the details have been agreed, a 15% deposit will be required to finalise the booking and a digital contract will be signed by both parties.
How much will you be in contact with us in the lead up to the event?
We are available at the end of the phone or by email as much anytime to answer any questions and organise the finer details of the performance. We love working directly with our clients to guarantees our own very professional service. By building a relationship from the beginning, we can quickly understanding exactly what you require for your event.
Will you get the party going even though an acoustic band?
Having played over 70 weddings alone in 2016, we have not once had a problem getting the dance floor going. With such a large and eclectic repertoire we can adapt our set to any crowd. Every gig is different and we are used to gauging the mood and music tastes of any particular party, this gives us the tools to make sure the dance floor is always full! However for more peace of mind, we do offer the additional drummer which compliments our sound amazingly and the beats add more of a groove to our performance.
Can you turn up early and do a daytime set also?
Yes, we are very often booked to provide all the music for an event or wedding from start to finish. For example at your wedding we could play the aisle song during the ceremony, a background music styled set during the drinks reception as well as the 2 hours worth of party sets and DJ package in the evening.
Can I pick the bands playlist?
From our listed repertoire, you can pick as many songs as you like for us to play, as well as informing us of the ones you really want us to avoid. This will act as a guide for us to help make the set perfect for you and your guests. However, it’s hard to stick precisely to an exact pre planned play list as every event is different and it's good to see what people respond to on the night also.
Whats the benefit of adding the DJ package?
By adding the DJ package, it means that all your entertainment for the evening can be covered with one easy booking. This also means you only have to communicate with us to organise everything. As we are doing both jobs, the DJ sets and live sets will compliment each other perfectly. You can make a list of songs for the whole night, leave it to us to pick as we go along, or use a combination of both. We use our decks to mix the songs in seamlessly leaving no room for gaps after songs or long fade outs which brings down the atmosphere on the dance floor. The DJ package also brings with it added lighting features. Without booking our DJ Package we take down our equipment to leave after our second live set. With it, we are there until curfew.
How and when do I make final payment?
Cash on the night or payment by transfer in advance of the date are equally fine. If the payment is to be made by transfer, we ask that the money goes into our account before we arrive at the event.
What equipment will you bring?
Our PA System and lights are included in our booking options. The sound system is very versatile for large or small spaces, suiting either high & lower volume level type of events. We bring all the equipment we need basically. We do however need access to one socket, and we have long exstention cables to reach this if needed.
How loud are you and can you play if there’s a noise limiter at the venue?
We can be as loud or as quiet as needed. For daytime reception drinks we can blend in as background music and for evening sets we can crank up the volume as much as you’d like. We are also very used to playing despite some pretty severe noise limiters at some venues so that’s not a problem. In general we are obviously quieter than a 4-piece band so we’re a popular choice at venues with noise limiters.
How long can you play for?
The standard length of performance time is 2 hours in total split into 2 or 3 sets. This could be 2 x 1 hour sets, 3 x 40 mins. If more than 2 hours in total is requested in advance, then it is doable but added costs may apply depending on the timings.
How will we dress?
We will be very smartly dress similar or the same as our video. If the event has a theme or is less formal then we can dress according to your choice also.
How safe is the booking once the deposit is paid? What happens if a band member is ill?
We fully contract all our events and have honoured all of of them. If any of our members fall ill and we don't have one of our many deputy's or other bands we know available to play for you we will refund your deposit and refer you to one of our many professional agents to find a suitable replacement asap. As mentioned we have completed all of our bookings without a problem through all kinds of weather and illness, but if for any obscure reason we cannot physically play live for you and another suitable act cannot be found via our agents, we will still send a DJ to cover the evenings entertainment at a reduced rate. Obviously are not gods (unfortunately), so need to mention 'force majeure' still applies as detailed in our contract.
Can we use your sound system for speeches?
Absolutely. Anything we can do to help with stuff flies this, we are more than happy to.